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Current specials

Sushi Hinode ★★ Special Bento Set for The Week $12 ★★

Sushi Hinode ★★ Special Bento Set for The Week $12 ★★

Expired on 2019-10-20

★★ Special Bento Set for the Week ★★
🍱 メンチカツ弁当 🍱
Beef Hamburg Katsu, Chicken
Gyoza, Seaweed Salad and Rice
With Drink or Miso Soup

Sushi Hinode has been in business for more than 5 years in the same location. Over the years we have served authentic Japanese cuisine under the leadership of our own chef, Tomo.  We strive to bring our customers fresh and healthy authentic Japanese dishes as well as our own unique take on some fan favourites such as fried Teriyaki chicken and also the delicious salmon salad.  All of our dishes are made to order so you get fresh, piping hot food to enjoy!

Tomo came from a bodybuilding background before his career as a chef.  But it was his love for cooking that wanted him to share his creations with others that spurred his decision to start his own restaurant and thus, Sushi Hinode was opened! Located in the western suburb of Tarneit, we are serving certified “Halal” menu for our customers.Come in for a hot meal and let our service and fresh taste “wow” you and make you come back for more!  Arigatou gozaimasu!